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This Math Test Requires All Your Concentration: How Many Triangles Can You Find In A Pentagon With A Star?


How good are you at math? The science of numbers and shapes is useful for everyday life. It gives us knowledge about space and trains our brain to think logically.

Let’s check how fast you can deal with this test, and how well you can focus.

Look at the picture! It is a star inside a pentagon. However, the lines form multiple triangles as they intersect. Your task is to count all of them.

It may not be as easy as it seems.

Many people underestimate math and can’t see any long-term benefit. You have probably heard it hundreds of times: “Why should I study math, I am not going to be an engineer!”

Thinking that we won’t ever need it in real life is wrong! Math skills affect our brain functions, strengthen it and promote sharp memory and quick thinking. Thus, we are able to make decisions faster, while analyzing the pros and cons and foreseeing probable outcomes using logic!

Math increases our intellectual power! And it’s a great reason to invest more time in studying it!

So how fast could you count all the triangles? How many did you find? The correct answer is 35!

Look at the picture and check if you spotted the same amount of triangles.

That was a nice workout for your brain, wasn’t it? We can’t wait to offer you more exercises to boost your thinking and creativity!