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No One Is Too Busy For The Person They Love

This is the truth!

Love is such an adventure, sometimes. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this: having to fight for the attention of someone we loved. They didn’t call for days, didn’t answer your text, left you alone on your birthday, or went our with some friends on your anniversary. “I was busy”. “Stop overreacting”. “You’re suffocating me”. So annoying! And they made you feel guilty, too! For wanting too much. For asking too much attention. For wanting to feel wanted. But the truth is if someone only makes you feel wanted and loved when it fits their schedule, they don’t deserve you. They’re not serious, or in for the long the run.

If someone loves you, you don’t have to ask for effort.

Because when you love someone, you want to make the effort! You can’t spend all the time together, but you are available, you make time, you show interest, and you act like you care.Â

When someone cares about you, you don’t have to ask them to make time for you on your birthday. And they won’t pout, because “Pf, but on Saturday I had plans with my buddies!”. When a man wants you, the only plans he makes on your birthday are about you! When someone loves you, you don’t have to ask them to not forget about your date tonight, text you back, and answer your calls. Even if they’re busy, they will answer to let you know they’re thinking about you, they’re safe, and they’ll get back to you asap.

You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to be wanted.

“Why do you have to overreact?”, “Why are so crazy about this?”, “You women are insane!”. Maybe you’ve heard such things. I know I have. And you’ve felt guilty, you thought that maybe you were asking too much. But you’re not. You should get exactly the attention you want, not beg for it. You shouldn’t be someone’s back up plan, but their priority. You deserve to be someone’s no 1, not the person they call when everyone else is busy.

If he doesn’t want you, that’s ok.

It will frustrate you, upset you, but eventually, you will meet someone who will treat you the way you deserve. You will be someone else’s priority. You will meet someone for whom seeing you, hearing you, being with you won’t be an effort, but a delight. You deserve to be with someone who can’t wait to see you! We all do!