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5 Types of Curvy Body Shapes | Know the Most Flattering Ways to Style & Celebrate Your Body


Beauty comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Fashion is meant for people of all shapes and sizes. But that’s not what the runway or the media portrays. Many of us feel that what celebs, models, or even our friends wear won’t or don’t look good on us and that it is because we are not “perfect.” There is no such thing as the perfect size or shape. Every woman deserves to feel her best in her body as it is now. Without having to fix it or struggle to bring in line with what is considered “pretty.” or maybe even your friends wear looks like it’s made just for us. Most of us are aware that there are 4 types of body types- pear, rectangle, strawberry, hourglass. But there are other body types as well.

Curvy women are especially targetted for being plus size or are at the end of overt sexualizing. Leaner women without curves are considered unfeminine or too androgynous. To hell with such assumptions. In this article, we look at five body types that come under the curvy category. But before that, what exactly is considered curvy?

Curvy bodies have well-defined breasts and hips, according to Shilpa Ahuja.com. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez rock their curvaceous bodies. This body type exhumes femininity and grace. Once again, they can come in all sizes unlike what many assume.

Compared to a leaner body type, in curvy bodies, the ratio between the hips and breasts is more. No specific measurements can define what an ideal curvy body looks like as every woman’s body is unique and beautiful. But for a rough idea, some measurements that represent the “breast-waist-hip” ratios are 42-38-46, 36-34-42, or 34-24-38.

Curvy bodies, like all bodies, aren’t easy to categorize, but here are the five broad categories.

1. Mango body type

Those with full hips and thighs fall under the mango body type. If you’ve noticed the shape of the mango, it has sort of a v shape at the bottom. Similarly, in this body shape, the hips and thighs together form a curved-V and they are the most prominent parts of the body.

How to Style: Flared skirts and gowns in light and flowy fabric would accentuate your hips and thighs. Fitted tops and palazzos would look amazing on this body share as well. A-line midis and shift dresses are your go-to option as well.

2. Spoon body shape

Similar to the pear body type, spoon-shaped curvy bodies have a slimmer and well-defined waist compared to the rest of the body. It is defined by full hips and breasts. This body type resembles the number 8. While in pear-shaped bodies, the hips are prominent, in spoon-shaped bodies, the waist and hips are prominent with the hips measurement being the largest and the waist size being at least 5 inches less than your hips and bust measurements.

How to Style: For this body shape, fitted pants and pencil skirts with blouses will help define the prominent waist and hips. Flared jeans paired with button-up shirts would be the perfect casual wear for you. A-line and wrap dresses are made for you for your night outs. You can also opt for knee-length flared skirts with fitted tops.

3. Pear body shape

If you find that your hips are fuller and your bust and waist are less defined, then your body shape is pear. In pear-shaped bodies, the hip measurement is greater than the bust and waist dimensions that are nearly equal. While it is a bit tricky to find the right clothes for this body shape as many the dress silhouettes can make the figure look like there’s no shape at all, the right picks can accentuate your gorgeous shape.

How to Style: When it comes to jeans, always opt for skinny jeans as it will provide a form to your bottom half. Maxi skirts and knee-length skirts are also great for this body shape. Form-fitting dresses paired with broad belts look amazing, too.

4. Curvy hourglass body type

In this body type, you can find that the hips and bust measurements are almost equal with at least 5 inches lesser in the waist dimension. These dimensions give it an hourglass shape.

How to Style: Skinny jeans and straight cut jeans would look great on this body type. Empire-waist dresses and fitted wrap dresses flatter the hourglass shape. You can opt for high-low tops with fitted jeans any day for a casual look.

5. Strawberry body type

Bigger chest measurements compared to hips and waist is known as the strawberry body shape. It’s a rare body type to find but it is easier to dress. Here, the bust is prominent but the hips and waist aren’t.

How to Style: Go for wrap dresses and flared midi-skirts. Skinny jeans with fluttered tops would look great on this body type. When it comes to cardigans, go for the cape ones.

Since you now know which curvy body type you have and what would look the best on you, there’s no reason to hide or doubt your natural curves. Everybody deserves to be celebrated, irrespective of its shape or size.